Dichter-Deutsch Conference Center Campaign

Dichter-Deutsch Conference Center

Completed: 2008

The Dichter-Deutsch Conference Center, located at the north end of Camp Randall Stadium. Inside the stadium and the McClain Center, the Dichter-Deutsch Conference Center is a 18,000-square-foot complex featuring 11 classroom-style meeting rooms. Among those rooms are two team auditoriums and six position rooms. In addition, there is a first-rate video facility where editing is done, along with a Big Ten Network studio.

The project, which was led by Dichter and Deutsch, cost approximately $2.2 million and was funded by the following individuals, whose names appear on the outside of the rooms in the complex.

Team Auditorium: Kenny Dichter and Todd Deutsch
Technology Center: Andrew Boszhardt
Defensive Team Auditorium: Ricky Sandler and Chet Burros
Running Backs Meeting Room: Craig Ross
Defensive Line Meeting Room: Sam Frankfort
Offensive Line Meeting Room: Brian Fisher and Kevin Fisher
Defensive Backs: Jay Peters
Tight Ends Meeting Room: Joshua Tarnow
Media Room: Oliver Wiener
Quarterbacks Meeting Room: Robert Crespi
Big Ten Studio Room: David Hammond
Pro Scouts Room: Bobby Miller
Media Room Kitchen: Oren Hartman
Elevator Lobby Area: Brian Lattman

The Dichter-Deutsch Conference Center also signifies a strong love of UW football, a close-knit friendship and a prime example of what it means to give something back.